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Month: January 2020

Elon’s UFO on a Stick

…or Starlink Terminals to you and me. Elon Musk’s plans to launch and control tens of thousands of satellites. The network will deliver internet to areas other service providers have been unable to reach effectively. Starlink Terminals on the ground will be able to pick up the signal. “Starlink Terminal has motors to self-adjust optimal angle to view sky,” Musk explained. So no need for manual adjustment; the system will work automatically – “No training required” according to Elon. Not everyone is happy with the prospects of thousands more satellites though. Astronomers think the satellites could distort the nigh sky, changing the view form the ground, and obscuring some stars. Whilst no exact dates have been released, service will likely start in North America. Don’t wo...

Tim Cook’s sees 2019 Compensation Cut on Reduced Company Performance

Tim Cook’s annual pay in 2019 was 11.6 million dollars. That’s a significant drop from the 15.7 million dollars Cook took home in 2018. The majority of Tim Cook’s compensation is bonus which is tied to performance. In 2018 Apple almost doubled its sales target for the year. In 2019 Apple still beat its sales target, but by less than one-third of that – at 28% (a number most companies would be absolutely thrilled with). That significant reduction in out-performance resulted in a much-reduced bonus on top of Tim’s 3 million-dollar base salary. We shouldn’t feel too bad the Mr.Cook as over 113 million dollars in Apple shares also vested during the year which brings his total compensation close to a billion dollars since taking the reins from Steve Jobs. It ...

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